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1912 Welcome to Boy Scouts. The main objectives are to build character, foster citizenship and develop strong friendships. Over a  hundred years ago, on July 4th, 1912 Troop 1 held its first hike and campout at Oldham Pond in Pembroke, MA. Hiking and camping were popular activities in the early years of the Troop. Other early campsites that were hiked: Humarock Beach, Brant Rock, Duxbury Beach, and Scituate Harbor. To facilitate the transport of supplies for a hike and campout that might last two days or longer a committee of 5 was formed in 1916 to secure a Trek cart. They decided to build the cart. Trek carts were very popular in those days. They were the predecessors to our patrol boxes and troop trailers. The carts were often built in the style of a small covered wagon, they contained all the provisions, fuel, utensils, and supplies the patrol would need for a campout. Our Mission today is to continue the dedication and determination in Troop 1 in character building, citizenship and our connection to the community.

2015 Recharter - Renew your membership by 11/4/14

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 Thanks to our fundraisers....Scout membership is free!

Webelo Visit - November 8th - 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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Webelo Visit

 Please join us at our annual Webelo visit.

Wilderness Survival Weekend - 11/7/14 to 11/9/14

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Camping Trip (9/19 to 9/21) - Coast Guard Station @ 4th Cliff, Scituate & Rotary Clean-up (9/21)

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Hi Scouts,
Due to logistics the campout next weekend has been relocated to 4th cliff in Humerock. The cost for this camp out is 25$ per camper to cover the cost of food and a place for the tents. Although 4th cliff is not surrounded by water like Grape island it is on a peninsula and adjacent to the North river, the south river and the Atlantic ocean. The tent site is just a field but it is up on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic ocean. The resort is owned by the air-force and primarily for military personnel, we will have to be on our best behavior The campout will start friday night but people can arrive Saturday if that works for them. Food will not be available Friday night or Sunday Morning. We are looking for parents to help with food and anyone to bring firewood. Please let me know if you can or cannot attend. As this is a military property it would help to have some retired or active military people in the Troop go. The website for this location is  http://www.hanscomservices.com/FourthCliff.asp People with other activities can leave and return if they wish as this location is only 30 minutes from Hanover. There will only be one sign-up Tuesday at the scout meeting. If you want to call me for more info my cell is 617-334-4743 or just reply to this email. Please let me know if you are going or not.

Summary of Events

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Attached List of Events.......

Whitewater Rafting Trip - 8/22 to 8/24 *Earn Merit Badge*

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This year family members are invited to go on our whitewater rafting trip with Adventure Bound in Caratunk, ME.

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